The MGCSW supported by UNMISS/GAU  , UN Women , and UNDP South Sudan launched  the Wildlife Women’s network at the National level.

This was formed to address the needs of individuals and communities in a gender responsive and inclusive manner, advocating internally for gender-responsive institutions.

This women’s  network objectives are to

  1. To Ensure Voluntary equal, active and effective participation of all female personnel
  2. Advocate for the rights, aspirations and participation of female personnel in all aspects of the institution
  3. Empower female personnel through capacity building, solidarity and mutual support.
  4. Attract more women to join the institution.
  5. Facilitate gender mainstreaming.
  6. To support the adoption and the implementation of agreed and validated recruitment, selection, designation, appointment and promotion
  7. To cooperate on internal efforts to fight sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) and conflict-related Sexual violence.

This launch also appointed of the executive committee (9 members) and Head of the executive committee.