Directorate of Administration and Finance

The scope of the mandate of  the Ministry covers gender and women empowernemnt, child and social welfare functions. The Ministry is responsible for formulation and implemenation of policies and leglisations for  promotion of  gender equality, women’s empowernemnt, child protection , social Protection and Social Welfare of the vulnerable groups in general.welfare. To fulfil its mandate it is guided by  core values that are central guiding principles which are take into consideration in the conduct of the Ministry’s business.

Directorate of Administration and Finance is responsible for providing support and guidance to Directorates in budget preparation, and implementation of financial regulations, human resource, financial and assets management, and general administration. The Administration formulates, develops, coordinates and facilitates implementation of policies for performance improvement in terms of quality, efficiency and timely delivery of services. It also provides a strong link and coordination between Directorates, line Ministries and partners for efficient and effective management of resources.