March 31st 2022

Participants and stakeholders.

The ministry of gender child and social welfare in partnership with, UNFPA and the British embassy held a Stake holder’s forum on the 31st of March 2020, on the way forward for the new legislation to tackle Gender based violence in south Sudan.
The goal of this round table discussion on the proposed Anti-GBV bill for south sudan, was to initiate a dialogue between key stakeholders and to agree on the next step for the legislation of the draft Bill.

Participants and stakeholders.

The objective was to present the draft Anti-#GBV bill, update stakeholders on the status of the bill, to agree on actionable steps to be taken towards the legislation of the draft bill and lastly, to revitalize the Anti-GBV bill technical working group.
During the discussions there were welcoming remarks from different stakeholders who all talked on the Anti GBV bill.

Dr. Gillian Butts Garnett . Country Representative UNFPA

Ms. Hellen Ware. Social Development Advisor (British Embassy)

Hon. Esther Ikere. Undersecretary. Ministry of Gender Child and social welfare.

Hon Justice Francis Amum. GBV and Juvenile Court 

Hon. Justice Francis Amum, from the GBV and juvenile court, gave an overview of the cases based on experience from the GBV and juvenile court where participants got a chance to have an open discussion.

Hon Aya Benjamin Warille. Minister of Gender Child and Social Welfare.

It was a fruitful discussion and the minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare stated that she looks forward to working with the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs to take concrete actions to ensure that the draft Anti -GBV bill be accorded priority.
she later thanked the partners and the participants for actively participating during this discussion.
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(report /photo credit .Riya Samuel.)