#GlobalTheme: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

Participants during the IWD celebration in Juba 


The ministry of Gender Child and social welfare joined the world in celebrating the international women’s day at Nyakuran Cultural center under the theme : Gender Equality for future sustainability: promote and celebrate women’s and girl’s Achievements and Resilience. The event was celebrated across the country with women from all walks of life.
Participants during the IWD celebration in Juba
The Ministry took this opportunity  to appreciate and award 3 remarkable women from the greater states (Central Equatorial state, )and commended and recognized the work being done by the women led organizations and networks.

Hon. Angelina Teny, Defense Minister

The guest of honor gave her remarks at the end as she called  for zero- tolerance on sexual and gender-based violence.
The minister went on to appreciate the partners and everyone who was participated in this celebration.
She also thanked her team at the ministry of Gender under the leadership of Hon. Esther Ikere for hosting the occasion and ensuring its success.