On 27th of April 2022, the minister of gender child and social welfare, Hon. Aya Warille held a breakfast meeting with the female ministers and undersecretaries, as this is one of the regular meetings they have. Gender being a cross-cutting issue, they discussed a variety of topics.

One of the main agenda was to discuss what the ministry of Gender was tasked with in one of the women meetings they previously had, organized by IGAD, where the ministry was tasked with the responsibility of mapping all the national NGO’s, who deal with women empowerment programs.

From left to right: (Hon. Lili Albino , Hon. Victoria Anib, Hon. Mary Nawai, Hon. Angelina Teny , Mrs. Joy Zacharia, Hon. Yolanda Awel, Hon. Josephine Lagu, Hon. Aya Warille. )


“It was a fruitful meeting appreciated by the ministers and the undersecretaries. we came up with action points which as a ministry, we shall work on, and in our next meeting we shall be able to make a better and informed presentation. “Stated the Minister of Gender. Hon Aya Benjamin.





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